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Panasonic 6755U IC TZS9EK097 (U203) B159-201 4H.B1590.041

Panasonic 6755U IC TZS9EK097 (U203) B159-201 4H.B1590.041

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Symptom: Following a certain sequence of events, the television does not power on and there is no standby LED lit. For example after disconnecting from the mains supply, then re-connecting.

Remedy: Replace Panasonic's upgrade I.C. U203 TCZAA6755U

42" Models: TXP42X50B, TXP42X50E, TXP42XT50B, TXP42XT50E, TXP42XT50Y, TXPR42X50, TXPR42XT50

50" Models: TXP50X50B, TXP50X50E, TXP50XT50P, TXP50XT50E, TXP50XT50Y, TXPR50X50, TXPR50XT50

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