About Spared Parts UK

Located in Oxfordshire, United Kingdom. Spared Parts trades exclusively online, selling new electronic components to the trade and the general public.

What makes us unique is our ability to offer low prices for typically expensive replacement electronic components.

Here are a few reasons why we think you should consider using Spared Parts.

Our aims

Our goal is simple: to provide you with the best and most reliable service, whilst maintaining highly competitive prices.

And, as we value your trust as much as your custom you can be assured that your interests are always at the forefront of our thinking.

Buy with confidence. Spared Parts has over 28 years of technical experience in the AV trade working on all types of equipment – old and new. 

Repair kits

We know (from experience) that there are those occasions when you wish that you had all the parts you need, to hand, in order to make that essential repair.

Well, your wishes have been granted. We've created a range of repair kits that will make your life that little bit easier.