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Toshiba ON OFF Switch Power (75011067) V28A000712A1 VTV-SW40103

Toshiba ON OFF Switch Power (75011067) V28A000712A1 VTV-SW40103

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Description: Switch

Pack size: 1

Part Code(s): 75013623 75011067

Board type(s): V28A000712A1 VTV-SW40103 

Country/Region of Manufacture: NA

Condition: New

Model Code: 32XD555DB 32CV505DB 32XV555D 42RV555DB, 46RV555DB, 32AV636DB, 37XV503DB, 37XV503D, 37CV505DB, 42CV505D, 32RV635DB, 37XV553D, 42XV553D, 32AV635DB, 32CV505DB, 42XV505D, 37RV555D, 37XV505D, 37XV555D, 42XV555D, 32XV555D, 42AV635D, 37RV635DB, 37RV655DB, 46XV555D, 37XV635D, 42XV550P, 40LV665D, 32XV505DB, 40XV551D, 42XV635D, 46XV635D, 32XV553DB, 37X3030D, 42XV503DB, 37X3030DB, D32WLL53HID, 42RV635DB, 42ZV555D, 47ZV635D, 37AV635DB, 37RV655D, 40LV655D, 46XV635D, 46XV635DR

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