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Toshiba 17PW05-3 Power Supply Repair Kit (DEAD)

Toshiba 17PW05-3 Power Supply Repair Kit (DEAD)

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Repair kit for the 17PW05-3 Power Supply

SYMPTOMS: Set is dead with no standby light  (Assuming the power board fuse is okay)

Check and replace D708, D709 and D710 located secondary side of power board. When faulty, one or more diode will be short circuit or leaky.

(Some power boards only use 2 diodes)

Diode's to be replaced in the same direction/orientation as original.

Kit contents: 3 x Diodes

Known Toshiba Model: 19EL833B, 19EL833F, 19EL833N, 19EL833R, 19DL833B, 19DL833G, 19DL834B, 19DL834G, 19DL834R, 19DL833N, 19DL502B,

22DL833B, 22DL833F, 22DL833G, 22DL833N, 22DL833R, 22EL833B, 22EL833F, 22EL833G, 22DL834B, 22DL834G, 22DL834R

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