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Rega Turntable Drive Belt Original

Rega Turntable Drive Belt Original

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Experience the exquisite sound of your Rega turntable with the original drive belt, precision-engineered for optimal performance.

This genuine Rega drive belt is the perfect upgrade for all Rega turntables (excluding the original 'Planet turntable' circa 1973-1975), ensuring flawless playback and enhanced sonic clarity.

Why settle for anything less than the pinnacle of turntable performance?

Replace your old belt with the original Rega drive belt and transport yourself to a world of captivating sound and mesmerising detail.

Crafted with precision and dedication, this drive belt ensures consistent speed stability, eliminating wow and flutter for an authentic listening experience.

Follow Rega's recommendation and replace your belt every five years to maintain peak performance and prolong the lifespan of your turntable.

Experience the difference that the original Rega drive belt can make.

Order yours today and elevate your vinyl listening to new heights.

Manufacturer: Rega

Manufacturer Part No: Standard

Condition: New

Pack Size: 1

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