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Sony HT-BE1 SA-WBE1 112696711 (Not Switching On)

Sony HT-BE1 SA-WBE1 112696711 (Not Switching On)

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Symptoms: Will not switch on, Dim or no LED indicator, No display, Relay can be heard clicking when power button pressed but no function.

Reason: The electrolytic capacitor on the primary side of the power supply is defective.

Remedy: Replace capacitor, Circuit location C914, 47uf 50v.

Kit contents: 1x 47uf 50v Electrolytic Capacitor 47uf 50v 12696711)

(This kit should remedy the above fault symptoms assuming the mains input fuse (F901) is okay)

Model Code: HT-BE1, SA-WBE1

Part Code: 1-269-671-1

Pack Size: 1

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