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Samsung G5015S12D CS, AUB0512LB Fan Unit

Samsung G5015S12D CS, AUB0512LB Fan Unit

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Model Code(s): HT-D423H, HT-D445K, HT-D450, HT-D450K, HT-D453, HT-D453H, HT-D453HK, HT-D453K, HT-D455, HT-D455K, HT-D550, HT-D550W, HT-D553K, HT-D555, HT-D555K, HT-D555W, HW-D7000, HW-D7000K, HT-C5200, HT-C5500, HT-C5500D, HT-CHH30, HT-C5550, HT-C5900, HT-C6500, HT-C6730W, HT-C6930W

Part Code/Model: MONO, G5015S12D, 3103-001251

Part Code/Model: RU, AUB0512LB, 3103-001270

Condition: New

Pack Size: 1

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