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Samsung AUB0512LB Fan Unit 3103-001212

Samsung AUB0512LB Fan Unit 3103-001212

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Model Code: BD-C8200, BD-C8200M, BD-C8200S, BD-C8500, BD-C8800A, BD-C8900, BD-C8900A, BD-C8900M, BD-C8900S, BD-D8200, BD-D8200M, BD-D8200N, BD-D8200S, BD-D8500, BD-D8500A, BD-D850M, BD-D850N, BD-D8509S, BD-D8900, BD-D8900A, BD-D8900M, BD-D8900N, BD-D8909S, BD-E8500A, BD-E8900A, DVD-SH893A, DVD-SH895A, DVD-SH897A

Technical: 50 x 50 x 15 mm, 12V DC, 0.11A, 2000RPM

Part Code: 3103-001212

Condition: New

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