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Panasonic FM Antenna Wire RSAX0002


Manufacturer: Panasonic

Manufacturer Part No: RSAX0002

Description: Antenna wire for DVD Home Cinema, HI-FI Radios and anything with an FM tuner. Simply push on to connect.

Length: Approximately 1.4 Meter - 55 1/8 Inch

Known Model No:

SC-AK14, SC-AK18, SC-AK470, SC-BT205, SC-BT230, SC-BTT400, SC-BTT755, SC-PT470, SC-PT480, SC-HC15, SC-HC17, SC-HC18, SC-HC19, SC-HC29, SC-HC75, SC-HC195, SC-AK50, SC-AK52, SC-AKX400, SC-AK600, SC-PM04, SC-PM42, SC-PM200, SC-PM38, SC-PM52, SC-PMX70, SC-HC38, SC-RS52

SA-AK14, SA-AK18, SA-AK470, SA-BT205, SA-BT230, SA-BTT400, SA-BTT755, SA-PT470, SA-PT480, SA-HC15, SA-HC17, SA-HC18, SA-HC19, SA-HC29, SA-HC75, SA-HC195, SA-HC, SA-AK50, SA-AK52, SA-AKX400, SA-AK600, SA-PM04, SA-PM42, SA-PM200, SA-PM38, SA-PM52, SA-PMX70, SA-HC38, SA-RS52

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