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Rega Turntable Ball Bearing Mineral Oil Kit

Rega Turntable Ball Bearing Mineral Oil Kit

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Rega Turntable Care Kit: Maintain Pristine Performance

Maintain pristine performance & extend the life of your Rega turntable with this comprehensive kit.

1x Genuine Rega-Spec Mineral Oil (10ml): Formulated to Rega's exact specifications for optimal performance and component longevity. 2-3 drops every 3000 hours.

2x Pure Cotton Buds on wooden sticks: Facilitate precise oil cleaning within the delicate bearing assembly.

1x Rega Ball Bearing (Original) Hardened AISI Chrome Steel ball bearing of the correct size and specification for the following REGA turntables:

P1, P2, P25 ,P3 2000, P3-24 ,P5, P7,P9, Planar 1, Planar 1 Plus, Planar 2, Planar 3, Planar 78, Planar 9, RP1, RP10, RP3, RP40, RP6, RP78, RP8, and Planet.

Manufacturer: Perform Research / Rega

Manufacturer Part No: RPMK-11

Condition: Brand New

Country of Manufacturer: England

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