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Rega Silicon Red Belts (Service Upgrade Kit)

Rega Silicon Red Belts (Service Upgrade Kit)

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The improved turntable kit by Perform for all Rega turntables (excluding the original 'Planet turntable' circa 1973-1975)

Kit Contents:

2 x Upgrade belts (Silicone Red) Drive Belt and motor suspension belt. Each belt is made from a unique and complex polychloroprene formula that exhibits good chemical stability and maintains flexibility over a wide temperature range.

1 x 10ml (Sophisticated, fully synthetic oil providing a perfect coefficient of friction. With an applicator nozzle) Child-resistant bottle.

2 x Biodegradable cotton swabs to clean the bearing cavity from old oil residue

1 x Cleaning Swab.

1 x Ceramic ball bearing (The high-grade bearing is exceptionally smooth and perfectly round, vital for low friction (low noise) rotation of the platter.

1 x Maintenance Instructions

Perform recommends changing the drive belt approximately every five years and the bearing every ten years to ensure accurate performance. 

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