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Linn LP12 Tonearm Fixing Bolts

Linn LP12 Tonearm Fixing Bolts

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Need replacement bolts to secure your Linn tonearm collar to armboard?

Get a brand new set of Tonearm Fixing Bolts, compatible with many tonearms including Basic LV V, Basic LV X, Akito, Ittock V11, and Ekos Collars.

Here's what you'll get:

  • 3 x M5 x 16mm Hex Key Thumb Bolts (Black): Securely fasten your tonearm with ease.
  • 3 x Locking Washers: Ensure a tight, rattle-free connection.

Keep your Linn LP12 performing at its best:

  • Maintain optimal sound quality: Securely mounted tonearms contribute to accurate sound reproduction.
  • Prevent unwanted vibrations: Secure bolts minimize unwanted resonances for pure audio enjoyment. 
  • Enjoy long-lasting performance: High-quality replacement bolts ensure years of reliable use.

Order your Linn LP12 Tonearm Fixing Bolts today and experience the difference!

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