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Linn Green Paper: The Diamond Stylus Cleaner

Linn Green Paper: The Diamond Stylus Cleaner

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Linn 3M Green Stylus Paper: Deep Clean Your Record Player Stylus for Optimal Audio Performance

Looking to maintain pristine sound quality from your vinyl records? The Linn 3M Green Stylus Paper is the ultimate solution for deep cleaning your record player stylus. This carefully designed sheet gently removes dust, debris, and even fused materials that can degrade audio performance.

Here's why Linn 3M Green Stylus Paper is essential for vinyl enthusiasts:

  • Safe and Effective Cleaning: Made from a mildly abrasive material, the green paper effectively dislodges contaminants without harming the delicate diamond stylus.
  • Removes Even Stubborn Debris: Unlike conventional stylus brushes that may struggle with deep cleaning, the 3M paper tackles even the most embedded particles.
  • Long-Lasting Performance: 80mm x 20mm strips.
  • Easy to Use: Simply draw the strip gently across the stylus tip in the direction of record playback, avoiding other cartridge parts.

Order your Linn 3M Green Stylus Paper today and experience the difference a clean stylus makes in your vinyl listening experience!

Additional benefits:

  • Improves audio quality by reducing unwanted noise and distortion.
  • Extends the lifespan of your stylus by preventing damage from built-up debris.
  • Easy to incorporate into your regular vinyl record cleaning routine.
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