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Ground Earth Wire Cable For HI-FI Turntable Deck

Ground Earth Wire Cable For HI-FI Turntable Deck

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Available Size: 1.2 Meter or 3.0 Meter lengths

Suitable for any deck / turntable that requires a detachable ground wire with a terminal on both ends.

The Turntable Ground / Earth wire, our cable is made from high-quality 22AWG guage tinned-copper cable, and features double-crimp fork terminals at both ends, meaning that both the outer insulator, and inner conductor are crimped, producing a far stronger and more durable connection than a single-crimp terminal where only the conductor is crimped, which can easily break over time due to the strain from flexing.

The terminals on our cable are then covered in an adhesive lined heatshrink, creating a sealed joint to prevent moisture ingression in to the crimped joint.

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