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Technics AN6682 Pitch Control IC301 SUKV000031

Technics AN6682 Pitch Control IC301 SUKV000031

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Looking for a replacement AN6682 Pitch Control IC for your Technics turntable?

The original Technics AN6682 IC is discontinued, but fret no more! We have the official replacement: the SUKV000031 Pitch Control PCB Kit.

This genuine Panasonic kit includes everything you need to get your turntable's pitch control working perfectly again:

  • AN6682 replacement IC
  • PCB board
  • Mounting screw
  • Spacer
  • Easy-to-follow instructions

Compatible Technics Turntable Models:

  • SL-1025
  • SL-1200 series (SL-1200, SL-1210, etc.)
  • SL-1600 series (SL-1600, SL-1610, etc.)
  • SL-1700 series (SL-1700, SL-1710, etc.)
  • SL-1800 series (SL-1800, SL-1810, etc.)
  • SL-M series (SL-M1, SL-M2, SL-M3)
  • SL-P series (SL-P16, SL-P8)
  • SL-QX series (SL-QX200, SL-QX300)
  • SP-25
  • XQ-2400

Don't settle for a used or potentially incompatible replacement. Get the official Panasonic solution and keep your turntable sounding its best.


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