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Treble Bleed / Volume Mod Guitar Tone Upgrade Kit

Treble Bleed / Volume Mod Guitar Tone Upgrade Kit

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Perform Treble Bleed Volume Modification Kit. 150K-ohm in parallel with a .001uF capacitor. Wire this simple modification between the input and output lugs of your guitar volume control pot, to smooth out treble bleed. Get more uniform tone from 1 to 10, and a more rounded sound at low volume.

Adds versatility to your sound, letting you control the boost of your amp from the guitars volume control. Set the amp to a crunch tone and reducing the guitar volume gives a progressively cleaner sound with no loss of tone.

Perform uses high quality Multicomp-Pro components in their kits.

Kit Content: 2 (One required per volume control).

Condition: New

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