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Loud Speaker Anti-Vibration Self-Adhesive Rubber Feet

Loud Speaker Anti-Vibration Self-Adhesive Rubber Feet

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Stick-on Self-adhesive Rubber Feet For Bookshelf and Floor Standing Loudspeakers

The rubber feet help to isolate and stabilise any loudspeaker mounted on a shelf or floor, improving the sound quality of any stereo or home cinema system at relatively little expense.

The pads are strong self-adhesive VHB (Very High Bond) acrylic backing which can be applied with a minimum of effort to a clean/dry surface.

Perfect replacements if your original feet have hardened or have squashed unevenly over the years.

The pads feature a urethane composition which exhibits excellent skid resistance, long ageing resiliency, will not crack or harden, abrasion resistance and resistance to marring and staining.

These replacement non-slip feet are W 18mm x H 10mm

Pack Size: 8  (1 pad required for each corner of the speaker) 

Condition: Brand New

Manufacturer: 3M

Manufacturer Part No: 984475-159426

This sale is for 8 pads. Speaker(s) assembly not included in the sale.

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