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Marantz PM7000 PM7200 PM8000 Repair Kit

Marantz PM7000 PM7200 PM8000 Repair Kit

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Symptoms: Switches to protection at switch on.

Cause: Defective electrolytic capacitor located on the power supply and protection circuit board.

It's No Secret: Marantz used 85°C working capacitors at the time of production which are prone to failure. This was no design error. It was the best available components to use at the time of design and production.

Kit Contents: premium grade 105°C capacitors.

4 47 25 105 RADIAL
2 1 63 105 RADIAL
2 470 63 105 RADIAL
1 1000 35 105 RADIAL
1 220 25 105 RADIAL

1 x Illustrated instructions with a component location guide

1 x FREE PDF copy of the service manual 

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