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Intempo RDi Digital Radio Repair Kit

Intempo RDi Digital Radio Repair Kit

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Symptoms: Power going off, not turning on, random functions, hissing sound, dim display.

Reason: Defective 1000uF & 10uF capacitor on the power supply stage

Kits Contents:

1 x Premium Grade 1000uF solid Polymer Capacitor @ 125°C
1 x Premium Grade 10uF solid Polymer Capacitor @ 125°C
1 x Full illustrated instruction which reveals the mystery of how you get inside the case

Note: We no longer sell the standard electrolytic capacitor kit. We have upgraded the kit to a premium grade solid state Polymer Aluminium Capacitor.

What are Polymer Capacitors and why they are more expensive: They are electrolytic capacitors with a solid electrolyte rather than a liquid electrolyte. The original capacitor fitted were prone to failure as it is a liquid state. By fitting a solid polymer electrolyte capacitor eliminates the risk of failure from leaking or drying out ever again.

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