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Electrolux - Arthur Martin 50280601001

Electrolux - Arthur Martin 50280601001

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Manufacturer: Electrolux - Arthur Martin

Manufacturer Part No: 50280601001

Arthur Martin Model No: AMS26205K, AMS26205U, AMS26205W, AMS26205X, AMS26215K, AMS26215U, AMS26215W, AMS26215X, AMS26405K, AMS26405W, AMS26405X, AMS26415X

Electrolux Model No: EMS26003OX, EMS26004OK, EMS26004OW, EMS26004OX, EMS26054OX, EMS26203OX, EMS26204OK, EMS26204OW, EMS26204OX, EMS26215K, EMS26215W, EMS26215X, EMS26254OK, EMS26254OX, EMS26405B, EMS26405K, EMS26405U, EMS26405W, EMS26405X, EMS26408U, EMS26408X, EMS26415K, EMS26415U, EMS26415W, EMS26415X, EMS26418X, EMS2685, EMS2685B, EMS2685K, EMS2685U, EMS2685X, EMS2687U, EMS2687X, EMS2688, EMS2688K, EMS2688U, EMS2688X

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