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Panasonic Repair Kit TNP4G549 TXNLD1ZPUE

Panasonic Repair Kit TNP4G549 TXNLD1ZPUE

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Official modification repair kit for TX-L50B6B, TX-L50B6E.

Symptom: The TV has no picture and sound, sometimes the LED flashes 3 times.

Cause: Overheating transistors on the LD Module board.

Remedy: Check and exchange transistors Q9804, Q9802, and C9807, C9812 (SMD) with Panasonic's improved type supplied.

Kit contents: 

2 x Transistor Q9802, Q9804, (STD17NF25)
2 x Capacitor C9807, C9812 (Upgraded)

Manufacturer Part No: TZS9EK098

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