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Vestel 17IPS61-2 17IPS61-3 Repair Kit

Vestel 17IPS61-2 17IPS61-3 Repair Kit

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This kit is to repair the common fault where the set is dead with no standby light and the power board fuse is okay. 

Manufacturer: Vestel

Manufacturer Model No: 17IPS61-2, 17IPS61-3 

Kit Contents:

D8 - UF5402

D9 - UF5402

D10 - SR5100 or SB5100

D11 - SR5100 or SB5100

D12 - SR5100 or SB5100

D25 - SR5100 or SB5100

This comprehensive kit contains all components required for a successful repair. Your power supply PCB may not contain all the above components. See the second image (components highlighted in red).

Compatible Model No:

Toshiba: 19DL502B2 / 22D1334B / 22D1333B / 24D1434DB / 24D3433DB / 24D1433DB
Linsar: 28LED1600 / 28LED1600 / 28LED2000
Digihome: 22180FHD-DVD-LED1080P
Philips: 23HFL2819D/12
JMB: JTC0128001/01
Sharp: LC-24LE250K
Bush: LED22134FHD
Hitachi: 28HYT45U
Logik: L24HEDW14
JVC: LT-24DD52J and many more...

Condition: Brand New

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