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Panasonic 5N2307 Transistor B1DFKM000002

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Fault Symptoms: After switch on, unit shuts down with power LED flashing 7 times

Affected Model No: TH-42PY700F, TH-42PY700P, TH-42PY70EY, TH-42PY70F, TH-42PY70P, TH-42PZ700B, TH-42PZ700E, TH-42PZ70B, TH-42PZ70E, TH-R42PY70, TH-R42PY700

Remedy: Simply check and replace any failed or leaky FET 5N2307 Transistors on SC Board

Affected Components/Locations: Q6641, Q6646, Q6695, Q6696, Q6648, Q6649, Q6651, Q6642, Q6653, Q6654

Manufacturer: Panasonic

Manufacturer Part No: B1DFKM000002, TZS9EK082

Pack Size: 1

Condition: New

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