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Technics Dust Cover Rubber Foot/Feet (Corner Dampers)

Technics Dust Cover Rubber Foot/Feet (Corner Dampers)

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Located on the front corners of the dust cover, the rubber stoppers are designed to dampen the closing of the dust cover lid. 

Compatible Model No: SL-1200, SL-1210 (USING ORIGINAL DUST LID)

Pack Content: 2 rubber dampers

Condition: Brand New

Manufacturer: Perform

Manufacturer Part No: SFAD122.01A

This is not an original manufacturer replacement part. Panasonic/Technics never made this product available as a spare part. It was only sold with the complete Dust Cover. The replacements have a round profile, the original has a square profile.

This product may not be suitable for aftermarket dust cover (s). Will fit original dustcovers with the following part number SFAD122-01A, RGD0078BZ-Q, TTFA0617.


(The image is for illustrative purposes only. The sale only includes the rubber seals See image No.4).

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