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Panasonic Jack Socket SJJG100A

Panasonic Jack Socket SJJG100A

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Manufacturer: Panasonic

Manufacturer Part No: SJJG100A

Known Compatible Model No: SL-DZ1200, SM-AC1200, SX-EA1, SX-EA3, SX-EA5, SX-EN1, SX-EN2, SX-EN3, SX-EN4, SX-F100, SX-FA1, SX-FN3K, SX-G100A, SX-G100C, SX-GA1, SX-GA3, SX-GN3K, SX-GN5K, SX-GN6, SX-GN9, SX-K100, SX-KN1200, SX-KN1500, SX-KN2000, SX-KN220, SX-KN3000, SX-KN440, SX-KN470, SX-KN5000, SX-KN501, SX-KN550, SX-KN570, SX-KN650, SX-KN700, SX-KN701, SX-KN720, SX-KN750, SX-KN901, SX-KN920, SX-KN930, SX-KZ250, SX-KZ450, SX-NP10, SX-PC10, SX-PC100, SX-PC12, SX-PC200, SX-PC25, SX-PC25P, SX-PC26

Condition: Brand New

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