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Thomson DTI-6300 FSP0018-5P01 Repair Kit

Thomson DTI-6300 FSP0018-5P01 Repair Kit

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A repair kit for Thomson DTI-6300 power supply FSP0018-5P01

Fault Symptoms: Red light Flashing, Ticking noise, Will not boot up, Fan pulsating.

Kit Contents: 7x High-Grade Panasonic Electrolytic Capacitors

Circuit No.
C52 - C60 1000 16 105
C20 - C61 47
16 105
C71 - C72 47 16 105
C62 2200 16 105

To open the PVR extend the flap fully and remove the 3 screws. Separate the top cover from the bottom cover (Held in by clips)

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