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Sony ICF-SW1 Capacitor Repair Kit (Tantalum)

Sony ICF-SW1 Capacitor Repair Kit (Tantalum)

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The Sony ICF-SW1 is a popular receiver that now suffers from ageing surface-mount electrolytic capacitors. Consequently, this results in a loss of audio, loss of signal strength or both. Another symptom of aged capacitors is a motor-boating sound when the volume is turned up. The capacitor upgrade replaces all the electrolytic capacitors that are prone to fail (or dry up) with time.

Kit Contents: Upgraded Tantalum capacitors. Tantalum capacitors are known for being far more accurate in value and they easily outlive the original electrolytic capacitors. Each kit is supplied with a component location guide.

2 220 4
2 47 4
1 33 4
1 100 4
1 LED 3.3
1 Memory Back-up Cell 0.47F 5.5
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