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1.78mm Section NITRILE 70 O-Ring Cord

1.78mm Section NITRILE 70 O-Ring Cord

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Buy any continuous length from 1 metre. 

Nitrile Rubber O-Ring Cord: O-ring cord can be used to fabricate custom o-rings where the standard sizes are not suitable. O-rings are probably the most widely used and simplest type of seal they are found everywhere from plumbing installations to the space shuttle, they are common in engines and gearboxes, garden hoses, pumps etc. They can be used as face-to-face seals (like a gasket) or as shaft seals and facilitate both rotary and linear movement. They have a wide operating temperature range from - 30 degrees Celsius up to + 120 degrees Celsius and a high degree of chemical resistance.

Benefits: Excellent sealing properties and durability, wide temp range, high resistance to many chemicals and petroleum-based fuels including petrol, diesel, and LPG.

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