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Flymo Lawn mower Capacitor 0.22uf 220nf 275VAC

Flymo Lawn mower Capacitor 0.22uf 220nf 275VAC

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Discontinued Flymo Lawnmower Capacitor Replaced with Improved Version

If your FLYMO Garden Lawnmower is not working properly, it may be due to a faulty capacitor. A capacitor is an electrical component that helps to regulate the flow of electricity. If the capacitor is faulty, it can prevent the lawnmower from starting or running properly.

The original Mex Yellow Capacitor (pictured) has now been discontinued and has been replaced with the improved Wurth Elektronik Red Capacitor (pictured). The new capacitor is encapsulated in self-extinguishing material meeting the requirements of UL94V-0, making it safer and more reliable.

The Wurth Elektronik Red Capacitor is compatible with the same Flymo lawnmower models as the Mex Yellow Capacitor, including:

  • Easiglide 300, 300V
  • Compact 300, 350, GM340, MM340, GM360, EM032
  • Hover vac 280
  • Glider 350
  • Multimo 340XC, 360, 360XC

If you have a Flymo lawnmower with a Mex Yellow Capacitor, it is recommended that you replace it with the Wurth Elektronik Red Capacitor.

Manufacturer: Flymo

Manufacturer Part No: EN132400, 513121600, 514986600

Condition: Brand New

Pack Size: 1

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