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Sharp Wave Guard Cover PCOVPA308WRE1

Sharp Wave Guard Cover PCOVPA308WRE1

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Manufacturer: Sharp

Manufacturer Part No: PCOVPA308WRE1

Model No: R32ST, R32STM, R33STM, R341, R343M, R345M, R352, R353M, R354, R360, R362M, R383, R4E57, R4E57N, R4G57, R730, R741, R741M, R743, R750, R752M, R753, R753M, R754, R754M, R757, R758, R758M, R761WM, R765, R770AM, R771, R772, R772WM, R772GM, R774M, R793M, R795M, R798, R7A57, R7A67, R7C58M, R7N78, R82FBSTM, R82STM, R83STM, R84STM, R85STM, R86STM, R86STMA, R870A, R870AM, R871M, R872, R872M, R874, R874M, R875, R879, R884, R885, R88BKM, R890SLM, R890, R891, R891M, R895M, R898, R899

Condition: New

When to replace a microwave wave guard cover

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