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Technics SL-1200 SL-1210 Power Regulation Repair Kit

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This kit contains all genuine Panasonic components to remedy various problems such as no power, pulsing LED's, erratic or no rotation of the platter.

Assuming the fuse(s) and bridge rectifier are not faulty. Check and replace the following components

1 x Q1 - 2SD1265 - Voltage regulator

1 x Q2 - 2SD637 - Transistor

1 x Q3 - 2SD637 - Transistor

1 x Q201 - 2SC1846 - Voltage regulator

1 x D3 - MA1051M- Zenner Diode

1 x Copy of the schematic diagram (PDF email)

We use all genuine Panasonic components...

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