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Vestel 17PW07-2 V1 Power Supply Repair Kit

Vestel 17PW07-2 V1 Power Supply Repair Kit

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Fault symptoms: Set is dead with no standby light  (Fuse not blown), or stuck in standby

Reason: Defective short circuit diodes

Kit Contents: D223, D224, D226 and D229 (please check that these locations are in use before ordering)

Known Makes and Models:

Celcus: LED32S913HD, LED4050912FHD, LED50189FHDCNTD

Finlux: 32F6030-T, 42FLHT911LH, 55F9076-T, 42S7010

Hitachi: L37VP01UC, 50HXT16U, 40H6L03U

Laurus: LED42T2PH

LG: 42LS3400

Linsar: 32LED900W

Sharp: LC-40LE511E, LC-40LE531E, LC-40LE240EX, LE39RE351K-WH 

Toshiba: 32BL502B, 32BL505B, 40L1353B, 40D1333B, 40L1333B, 40BL702B, 46BL702B

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