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Bosch 417700 Mica Plate Wave Guard

Bosch 417700 Mica Plate Wave Guard

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Manufacturer: Bosch

Manufacturer Part No: 417700 

This Mica Plate fits the following models:

Bosch Ovens
HBC86Q620/01, HBC86Q650B/01, HBC86Q651E/01, HLK4525EU/01, HBC86Q620N/01, HBC86Q650B/02, HBC86Q651N/01, HLK4525GB/01, HBC86Q620N/02, BC86Q650E/01, HBC86Q660/01, HLK4555/01, HBC86Q621/01, HBC86Q650E/02, HBC86Q660/02, HLK4555EU/01, HBC86Q621N/01, HBC86Q650N/01, HBC86Q660N/01, HLK4555GB/01, HBC86Q650/01, HBC86Q650N/02, HBC86Q660N/02, HLK4565/01, HBC86Q650/02, HBC86Q651/01, HBC86Q661/01, HLK4565EU/01, HBC86Q650A/01, HBC86Q651A/01, HBC86Q661N/01, HLK4565GB/01, HBC86Q650A/02, HBC86Q651B/01, HLK4525/01

Bosch Microwaves
HBC86Q650B/01, HBC86Q651B/01, HLK4555GB/01, HLK4565GB/01, HBC86Q650B/02, HLK4525GB/01

Neff Ovens

Neff Microwaves
B7740N0/02, B7740N0GB/01, B7740N0GB/02, B7740N0GB/03

Siemens Microwaves
HB77L25GB/01, HB77L65GB/01, HB86Q560B/01, HB86Q560B/02, HB77L55GB/01, HB86Q560/02


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