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Technics Tonearm Helicoid Grease

Technics Tonearm Helicoid Grease

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Technics Tonearm Helicoid Grease By Perform Research: Restore the Original Precision Feel

This high-viscosity grease is the perfect way to restore the original precision feel to the threads of your Technics tonearm's helicoid arm height mechanism. Simply remove the old grease with a toothbrush/lint-free cloth and apply a new thin coat of Technics Tonearm Helicoid Grease By Perform for smooth, effortless vertical tracking angle adjustment.


  • High-viscosity grease for smooth, precise tonearm height adjustment

  • Restores the original feel and performance of your Technics tonearm

  • Easy to apply and remove

  • 10g tube size


Reduced wear and tear on your tonearm and extended lifespan of your turntable

Manufacturer: Perform Research

Manufacturer Part No: 54056788

Condition: Brand New

Pack Size: 1

Country of Manufacturer: England

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