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Thorens Anti-Static Stylus Cleaner

Thorens Anti-Static Stylus Cleaner

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Restore HiFi Bliss: Thorens Stylus Cleaning Fluid for Pristine Audio


Experience the joy of crystal-clear vinyl playback with the Thorens Stylus Cleaning Set. Eliminate dust, dirt, and static build-up that sap sound quality and damage your records. The non-abrasive fluid and gentle brush duo ensure safe yet effective cleaning, preserving your stylus and vinyl lifespan.


  • Gently apply the cleaning brush to the stylus tip using the applicator brush built into the cap top. The brush is very soft and will conform to the shape of the cantilever tube and stylus tip. Always start from behind the stylus cantilever tube brushing gently towards yourself.
  • Two or three brush strokes are normally all that is necessary to clean any stubborn build-up.
  • Recap the Stylus Cleaner bottle with the integral brush to prevent loss or evaporation.
  • Return to crystal clear sound - A clean stylus will have a major effect on playback quality and prolong the life of your stylus.
  • Thorens clear professional stylus cleansing fluid 15ml glass bottle with fine brush applicator 
  • Quality you can trust, Improves stylus reproduction and extends record life.
  • Instant improvement in sound quality as it protects your records from abrasion damage caused by dirt that has adhered to the stylus tip
  • Full-sized 15ml Bottle. 

Maintain your stylus to improve tonal accuracy and audio fidelity and lengthen the life of your records.

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