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Vestel 18PW14-1 Power PCB Repair Kit

Vestel 18PW14-1 Power PCB Repair Kit

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A power supply repair kit for LG PDP42V6, Fenner FTV42PLIB, Techwood PL4207I, Firstline 42VST30, Goodmans GTV42P5DVBT and many more.

Fault symptom: Dead

Kit contents:

  • F100    T3.15           FUSE
  • IC100  44608040    INTEGRATED CIRCUIT
  • D101   1N4007        DIODE
  • D102   1N4007        DIODE
  • D103   1N4007        DIODE
  • D104   1N4007        DIODE
  • D105   1N4007        DIODE
  • D109   BA159          DIODE
  • D110   BA159          DIODE
  • R108   2R2              RESISTOR
  • D119   UF5408        DIODE

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