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IRF540NS MOSFET Transistor 100V 33A TO-263

IRF540NS MOSFET Transistor 100V 33A TO-263

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Manufacturer: Infineon

Manufacturer Part No: IRF540NSTRLPBF

Model No: IRF540NSTRLPBF, IRF540NS, F540NS 

Pack Size: 2

Product Information:

Transistor Polarity:                       N Channel
Continuous Drain Current Id:      33A
Drain Source Voltage Vds:          100V
On Resistance Rds(on):               0.044ohm
Rds(on) Test Voltage Vgs:           10V
Threshold Voltage Vgs:                4V
Power Dissipation Pd:                 130W
Transistor Case Style:                  TO-263
No. of Pins:                                    3Pins
Operating Temperature Max:      175°C

Technical Datasheet:  Panasonic ECW-H12473JV Datasheet

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