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Technics Overhang Gauge SFK0135-01

Technics Overhang Gauge SFK0135-01

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Optimise Your Turntable Performance with the Genuine Technics Overhang Gauge SFK0135-01 (RMR2210-W)

Ensure Perfect Cartridge Alignment for Unrivalled Audio Precision

  • Authentic Technics Part: Guarantees accuracy and compatibility with a wide range of turntable models.

  • Precision-Engineered for Optimal Overhang: Achieves flawless cartridge alignment for pristine sound quality.

  • Compatible with Numerous Turntables: Supports SL-1000R, SL-1025, SL-1200G, SL-1200GAE, SL-1200GEG, SL-1200GLD, SL-1200GPP, SL-1200GR, SL-1200GS, SL-1200LTD, SL-1200M3D, SL-1200MK2, SL-1200MK5, SL-1200MK6, SL-1210GR, SL-1210M3D, SL-1210M5G, SL-1210MK2, SL-1210MK5, SL-D202 and many more...

  • Includes Clear Alignment Instructions: Simplifies the setup process for effortless installation.

Enhance Your Listening Experience:

  • Experience crystal-clear audio reproduction with every record.

  • Minimise distortion and tracking errors for pure sonic enjoyment.

  • Preserve the longevity of your vinyl collection with proper cartridge alignment.

Manufacturer: Panasonic

Manufacturer Part No: SFK0135-01

Former Part No: RMR2210-W

Condition: Brand New

Country of Manufacture: JAPAN

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