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Panasonic AN6675 IC RFKFAN6675

Panasonic AN6675 IC RFKFAN6675

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Manufacturer: Panasonic

Compatible Model No: SL-1200, SL-1210, SL-DZ1200, PS-4500, SL-M1,SL-M2, SL-M3, SL-Q2, SL-Q3, SL-Q33, SP-25, XQ-2400, SL-10, SL-1025, SL-120, SL-15, SL-1600, SL-1610, SL-1700, SL-1710, SL-1800, SL-1810

Manufacturer Part No: AN6675, RFKFAN6675

Condition: Brand New

The original AN6675 has now been discontinued and replaced with the improved RFKFAN6675

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