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Sharp LCD TV LEDs Flashing 2 x Red 3 x Green


Model Code: LC32X20E, LC37X20E, LC42X20E, LC46X20E, LC37B20E, LC42B20E, LC37XL8E, LC52X20E

Symptom: Intermittent Power On and LED's flashing 2 x Red 3 x Green

Action: Check the voltage across the main smoothing capacitor should be about 350V during Standby and increases to 395V during power on and normal operation, if it does not change or is low replace R7832 R7833 R7834

Cause: Resistors R832, R7833, R7834 on the power supply are out of tolerance

Solution: Replace all 3 service mounted resistors with the improved type supplied (Official Sharp Upgrade)

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