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Rega Planar Motor Circuit Repair Kit

Rega Planar Motor Circuit Repair Kit

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Component kit for Rega RP1, P1, P2, P2 2000, PLANET, Original PLANAR 2, Original PLANAR 3, P3 2000 and PLANAR 25 turntables. (European and UK 220~240V, 50Hz turntables only)

Kit Contents:

1 x C1, 0.22uF Suppression Class X2 Safety Capacitor
1 x C2, 3334K Suppression Class X2 Safety Capacitor  
1 x R1, 1MΩ Resistor
1 x R2, 5K1Ω Resistor 

Manufacturer: Perform

Compatible Brand: Rega

Condition: New

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