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Sony FM Antenna Wire (F Type) 179318441

Sony FM Antenna Wire (F Type) 179318441

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Sony FM/DAB Antenna: Enhance Your Audio Experience

Upgrade your audio experience with a genuine Sony FM/DAB antenna and enjoy crystal-clear radio reception on your HiFi system, CD radio, or AV receivers.

This Sony antenna features:

  • FM/DAB compatibility: Listen to a wider range of radio stations, including FM and DAB broadcasts.
  • F-type connector: Ensures easy and secure connection to your audio equipment.
  • Brand new condition: Get long-lasting performance with a new, genuine Sony antenna.

Order your Sony FM/DAB antenna today and rediscover the joy of listening to the radio!

Manufacturer: Sony

Manufacturer Part No: 1-793-184-41

Condition: Brand New

Pack Size: 1.

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