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Yamaha KX-650, KX-930 Belt Kit

Yamaha KX-650, KX-930 Belt Kit

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Manufacturer: Perfrom

Brand: Yamaha

Compatible Model: KX-650, KX-930

Kit Content / Manufacturer Part No:

1 x CX614720 - Square Section Reel Belt (109)

1x CX614650 - Flat Section Capstan Belt (15)

Condition: Brand New

Product No: 17130799

Country of Manufacture: Germany

Note: The original belts have now been discontinued from Yamaha stock. The replacement belts by Perform have the same specifications as the originals.

Tip: Before you install the new belt please clean the entire belt path surface.  This will help avoid contaminating the new belt with the (usually hard to see) residue from the old belt and will promote optimum belt performance. We recommend using rubbing alcohol or isopropyl.

Perform Research. England.

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