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Samsung PSLF171501B Repair Kit BN44-00208A

Samsung PSLF171501B Repair Kit BN44-00208A

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Manufacturer: Samsung

Symptoms: Stuck in standby, slow to start up, switching to standby and a clicking noise can be heard.

Remedy: Check and replace the below capacitors. When faulty, they often bulge at the top of the capacitor.

Kit contents: 5 x High grade Samsung Capacitors, CB852, CM851, CM852, CM853, CM858, CM859

Power Board Model: PSLF171501B, BN44-00208A

Affected Model(s): LE26A466C2W, LE26A467C1W, LE32A330J1, LE32A336J1C, LE32A336J1D, LE32A430T1, LE32A431T2, LE32A436T1C, LE32A436T1D, LE32A437T2C, LE32A437T2D, LE32A550P1R, LE32A551P2R, LE32A552P3R, LE32A553P4R

All components supplied in the kit are genuine Samsung premium-grade replacement parts.

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