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AEG Wave Guard Cover 50280601001

AEG Wave Guard Cover 50280601001

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Manufacturer: AEG - Electrolux

Manufacturer part No: 50280601001

Model No: MC2660E-A, MC2660EA, MC2660EM, MC2660EW, MC2661E-B, MC2661E-D, MC2661E-M, MC2661E-W, MC2661EB, MC2661EM, MC2662E-A, MC2662E-B, MC2662E-M, MC2662E-W, MC2663E-B, MC2663E-D, MC2663E-M, MC2663E-W, MC2664E-M, MC2664E-W, MC2664E-B, MC2665E-B, MC2665E-M, MC2665E-W, MCD2660E-B, MCD2660E-W, MCD2661E-A, MCD2661E-B, MCD2661E-D, MCD2661E-M, MCD2661E-W, MCD2662E-B, MCD2662E-M, MCD2662EW, MCD2663E-A, MCD2663E-B, MCD2663E-M, MCD2664E-B, MCD2664E-M, MCD2665E-B, MCD2665E-M

Condition: New

When to replace a microwave wave guard cover

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