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Mac Allister Pressure Washer Lance / Nozzle O-Ring Seals

Mac Allister Pressure Washer Lance / Nozzle O-Ring Seals

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Pack of 6 Mac Allister Pressure Washer O-Rings for Leak-Free Performance

Ensure a tight, leak-proof connection between your Mac Allister pressure washer's lance and nozzle with this replacement o-ring kit. This pack includes 6 high-quality o-rings designed for a precise fit with Mac Allister pressure washers.

  • Outer diameter: Approximately 14mm
  • Please Note the lance/nozzle connection is for the accessory handles (or the 'barrel' of the pressure washer) 

Stop Leaks and Maintain Pressure

Worn or damaged o-rings can cause leaks and reduce your pressure washer's effectiveness. This replacement kit allows you to quickly and easily restore a proper seal, ensuring optimal performance for your Mac Allister machine.

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