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Bosch Siemens Neff Microwave Waveguard Cover 00175593

Bosch Siemens Neff Microwave Waveguard Cover 00175593

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Manufacturer: NEFF

Manufacturer Part No: 00175593

Model No: H5430A0/02, H5430B0/02, H5430B0GB/02, H5430N0/02, H5430N0GB/02, H5430S0/02, H5430S0GB/02, H5430W0/02, H5430W0GB/02, H5440B0/01, H5440N0/01, H5440S0/01, H5440W0/01, H5460B0/01, H5460N0/01, H5460S0/01, H5460W0/01, H5470A0/02, H5470A0GB/02, H5470B0/01, H5470B0/02, H5470N0/01, H5470N0/02, H5470N0/03, H5470N0GB/02, H5470S0/01, H5470S0/02, H5470S0GB/01, H5470S0GB/02, H5470W0/01, H5470W0/02, H5470W0GB/02, H5620B0/01, H5620N0/01, H5620N0/02, H5620N0/03, H5620N0/04, H5620N0/05, H5620S0/01, H5620S0/02, H5620S0/04, H5620W0/01, H5620W0/02, H5620W0/04, H5640A0/01, H5640A0/02, H5640A0/04, H5640B0/01, H5640B0/02, H5640B0/03, H5640N0/01, H5640N0/02, H5640N0/04, H5640N0/05, H5640N0RU/01, H5640S0/01, H5640S0/02, H5640S0/04, H5640W0/02, H5640W0/03, H5640W0/04, H5640W001(01), H5642B0GB/01, H5642B0GB/02, H5642B0GB/03, H5642N0GB/01, H5642N0GB/02, H5642N0GB/04, H5642S0GB/01, H5642S0GB/02, H5642S0GB/04, H5642W0GB/01, H5642W0GB/02, H5642W0GB/04, H5950N0/01, H5950N0/02, H5950N0/03, H5950N0/04, H5950N0RU/01, H5950S0/01, H5950S0/03, H5950W0/01.

When to replace a microwave wave guard cover

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