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Sharp HPC1LX (7/8pin) Optical Head 92LHPC1LXASY

Sharp HPC1LX (7/8pin) Optical Head 92LHPC1LXASY

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Model Code: XLHP600E, XLHP550E, CDBA1200H, CDBA1300H, CDBA1500H, CDBA1700H, CDBA2000H, CDBA2010H, CDBA3100H, CDCH1000H, CDDP2400H, CDDP2500H, CDE700, CDXP200, CDXP25O, CDXP300H, CDXP700, HPC1LX(7/8P), MDE9000, MDMX10H, MDMX20H, SDEX220, XLHP500

Manufacturers Part Code: 92LHPC1LXASY

Pack Size: 1

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