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Hotpoint Indesit Wave Guard J00196890

Hotpoint Indesit Wave Guard J00196890

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Manufacturer: Whirlpool (Hotpoint, Indesit)

Manufacturer Part No: C00293815, J00196890

Hotpoint: MWH2221X, MWH222.1X, MWH2321BUK, MWH2321XUK, MWH2322BUK, MWH2322XUK, MWH2824BUK, MWH2824XUK, MWX222.1K, MWX222.1X

Indesit: MWB222.1XUK, MWI122.1XUK, MWI122.2XUK, MWI222.1XUK, MWI222.2XUK, MWO522XUK

When to replace a microwave wave guard cover

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