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Bosch O-Ring Seal Kit F016F04458

Bosch O-Ring Seal Kit F016F04458

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Keep Your Bosch Pressure Washer Running Smoothly with the Genuine Bosch Seal Kit Maintain the peak performance of your Bosch AQT 33-10, and AQT 35-12 pressure washer with the Genuine Bosch Seal Kit (OEM Part No. F016F04458).

This essential maintenance kit ensures correct sealing and prevents leaks, ensuring your pressure washer delivers consistent power and efficiency for all your cleaning tasks.

Restore Your Pressure Washer's Optimal Performance Over time, seals can wear and tear, leading to leaks and diminished pressure washer performance.

Replacing worn seals with the Genuine Bosch Seal Kit will restore your pressure washer's optimal performance and ensure years of reliable use. Invest in Genuine Bosch Quality Don't compromise on quality when it comes to maintaining your valuable Bosch pressure washer.

The Genuine Bosch Seal Kit is precision-engineered to meet the exact specifications of your Bosch pressure washer, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal performance.

According to the manufacturer, this kit is suitable for the Following Applications:

  • AQT 3400+
  • AQT 37-13
  • Universal Aquatak 1900
  • AQT 42-13
  • AQT 45-14 X
  • AQT 40-13
  • AQT 33-11
  • Advanced Aquatak 150
  • Advanced Aquatak 160
  • Easy Aquatak 120
  • Easy Aquatak 1700
  • Universal Aquatak 125
  • Universal Aquatak 130
  • Universal Aquatak 135

Manufacturer: Bosch

Condition: Brand New

Country of Manufacturer: China

Pack Size: 1, containing 6 O-Rings

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